Standalone telemetry systems for industrial and municipal public utilities sector. Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Panels production.

Top-notch technologies

We are developing ind integrating cloud-based scaleable web solutions aimed to complete automation of you business processes.

Support 24/7

Our multilingual 24/7 technical support allows to keep in touch with customers in all time zones and regions.

We Provide Great Services

We develop modern equipment and software products, increase safety and operational reliability of the gas supply system and guarantee high-quality after-sales service to all our customers. Using developed back-end software, we integrate telemetery systems in a single remote monitoring and management tool for geographically distributed network of gas facilities that can receive reliable information from a large number of geographically distributed sites and increase the efficiency of management and the prevention of accidents.

  • Automation of productions
  • Web-telemetry systems
  • Communications software
  • Technical support and maintenance

Production Process

Design and implementation of comprehensive monitoring and management systems.

Strategic Intelligence
Launch Work

Telemetry Systems

Remote monitoring and management of geographically distributed gas facilities network.

Web Control

Online gas consumption and efficiency monitoring with no additional information collecting devides.

Accuracy & Convenience

Fast & automatic gas meters current and archival performance retrieval.

Innovation & Reliability

The use of innovative technologies ensure operating devices durability.

Modern Technologies

Cloud-based server technologies & integration with existing accounting systems.

The Technology that We Use

This is how our telemerty system works.

Our Dedication

We develop modern equipment and software products to enhance safety and operational reliability of the gas supply system.

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Our Passion

Our company is focused on long-term cooperation and we guarantee reliable quality and after-sales service to all our customers.

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Our Products

Self-powerd telemetry units AETel for commercial and technological gas accounting and for domestic gas meters.

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